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Cranky Author Reviews: Wylie

By: Stacy L. Mantlo & C. Shivers

Great read... I really liked the way this was written although I didn't think Whitney resisted him enough I did love the two of them together. They were passionate and very cute together...

Cranky Author Reviews: Shards of Hope 

By Nalini Signh

Sigh, she did it again...Another wonderful book from Nalini's Changeling/Psy series!

I can always count on her writing to be excellent because it alway grabs me and takes me on an adventure and this title was no different. 

Cranky Author Reviews: The Last Dragon

By: Artemis Milchon:  Spoilers

*Copy received in exchange for an honest review.
This was a great love story. I enjoyed the story despite the sometimes hard to follow wording. This is the story of Drake and 'Sally' or Salvation...

Cranky Author Review: Gunner 

By: Stacy L. Mantlo & C. Shivers:  Spoilers

This one was a hit for me. I liked the story about Gunner and Indie. Although, I wasn't fond of the first person view point because I prefer books with third person I did like this book.

Cranky Author Reviews: Duke - Rolling Thunder MC

By: Candace Blevins:  Spoilers

I really wanted to like this book but it wasn't great...
Duke and his "Duchess" Gen were cute together most of the time. But I found a lot about these two annoying like for one the way she reacted to him searching her for a weapon was ridiculous!!


Cranky Author Reviews: Double Dare

By: R.L. Matherson:  Spoilers

Although, I normally love her books this one flopped a bit for me... It was still good but I feel like the focus was to much on the problems in their relationship and it lacked her normal light hearted romantic feel...

Cranky Author Reviews: The Closer you Come

By: Gena Showalter :  Spoilers

Closer you Come...this book was  a hit for me. I loved and hated this book...mostly I hated that Brook Lynn's sister was with Jase before her. That was a bit of an yuck factor for me. It just seemed wrong.

Cranky Author Reviews: Rock Hard

By: Nalini Singh:  Spoilers

All I can say is I don't think there is a single book by this Author that I don't love! Singh did it again Rock Hard. This is a story about Charlotte and Gabriel. Charlotte is the best friend of Molly form the first novel in the rock kiss series.

Cranky Author Reviews: The Rocker who Shatters Me

By: Terri Anne Browning: Spoilers

Terri alway seems to make you love her characters because even though I hated that this one started off with Natalie wanting to punish Devlin.

Cranky Author Reviews :: Bound by Flames

By Jeaniene Frost:  Spoilers

After reading this book, all I can ask is how the heck does she expect me to wait another freaking year to read the next (and last, frowny face) installment in her Vlad series.

Cranky Author Reviews: And One Last Thing...

By Molly Harper:  Spoilers

Loved the story. It begins with poor betrayed Lacey having a melt down after her no good cheating bastard of a husband is discovered in his dastardly deeds.

Cranky Author Reviews: Light my Fire

By G.A. Aiken: Spoilers

This story is about Elina blah blah blah something Steppers of the outerplains...huh must be lazy cause that name is ridiculously lonnng and I am not going to type it out no matter how much you may want to know it. 

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