Review Policy

Types of Books I will Review

Romance - Any (really not kidding, any!)
Young Adult Romance
Fantasy will be considered if it interests me.

I will read anything that interests me really. If you send me college romance, or bondage they will be considered. They are not however, my favorite type of book to read. 

*No horror, mystery, religion, or self help. No M/M, F/F, or F/M/M not that I don't read them sometimes, but because I review YA these are not compatible and I have to consider content. Also may have to at times sensor a cover that is too revealing for the same reasons. 

*If for some reason I do not like the book, can't finish, or write at least one thing I liked about the book I will send an email directly to the person requesting the review. I will tell you what didn't work for me and why. I will never post a less than two star review anywhere. 

Review Requests 

Review requests will only be considered for review if they are sent to::
If they are sent to my personal account they will not be reviewed and future requests on both accounts will be blocked.

* The ARC received by this site will never be shared without expressed permission from the Author or Agent of the Author. And then only to another reviewer. No received copy will color any reviews given. If at any time I take on other reviewers to help with book review volume they will have NDA signed and available upon request. 

* I will notify the person be it agent or author that their title is being reviewed by another reviewer in the acceptance email. If they find this unacceptable they have the option to request that I be the only reviewer. All reviews posted will never be less than 2 stars no matter who reviews them because as an author I strongly agree with supporting rather than tearing down other authors works.

* Please notate in response email of your title if the review will need to be held due to spoiler content. Most of my reviews do contain some spoilers and to avoid any issues with the content of reviews this information upfront will cause less issues with spoiler review posted prior to release.

What to send with your request

- Blurb or synopsis
- First chapter so that I can determine if I am interested in reading your book. (This can be a link to a book preview...make sure that the link is to a reputable source such as Smashwords,, Amazon, Goodreads, etc. as I will not click on any suspicious links in an email.) 

What to send if I agree to review your book

- Free book link or ARC
- Name of Author and a brief bio (less than 160 words) if you want this to be posted.
- Cover matter or link URL that is again to a reputable source

I will not accept any files that are not converted to .epub or mobi format. Do not send the file until I tell you I will review your book. May consider purchasing books that interest me. Please realize that being a writer my time to read is limited and it could take a while for your book to appear on my blog. 

If you still have questions please email them to

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