Saturday, February 29, 2020

Cranky Author Reviews: Shattered By You by Nashoda Rose

Read this before... 

Her series Tear Asunder and of course the series with Georgie and Deck are still some of my favorite romances. 

The characters are destroyed, broken, and have lived through serious shit but they aren't damaged beyond repair.

Crisis didn't start out in love with Haven. He knew she was something special, but his love for her grew over time as he got to know her. That's what truly made me love them as a couple. Haven is too damaged after escaping her life as a forced sex worker. She needed to find herself before she would be able to love anyone. Crisis slipped into her heart when she wasn't looking and to me that's a more beautiful story than the insta love.

They were perfect for each other. After her life she needed someone who was open and honest. Someone without a filter who says what the think and doesn't hide how they feel. The fact that he didn't treat her any different than he would any other woman made him a winner in my book

One thing I didn't like was the classroom scene at the end. I felt like him getting her off was a bit forced and after what she'd been through would have been a trigger. The first time I read this book it wasn't off to me but this time around when I wasn't so focused on how much they loved each other and how he let her come to him instead of being demanding. This time around I felt a little different about that scene but still LOVED this story and will read it again..

For me this was an EPE or 5-star read

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