Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Cranky Author Reviews: Hopeless Romantic by Julie Capulet

Not great. It had potential but it fell short. It's like the author couldn't wait to get the story out and rushed rush rushed it. The start was excellent and even the insta love could have worked for me... only she made a woman who was frightened of sex and men become a jersey chaser on steroids. No way would a woman who'd been through what Millie had have allowed him to sleep with her the very first day they met. It just didn't jive with her guarded almost fearful  personality. 

I could have been on board with the stay with me because of the crazy mob issue. Only there should have been some get to know you time. Then there was the too perfect life that she fast forwarded through. It wasn't even remotely believable. They were both rich and she'd become instagram gold with advertisers and her book was a best seller and they got preggers the first time they tried... life is more complicated than that. I guess what I am saying is this book had no strife. Nor did it have any angst to make you care about what the characters were going through. It was such a perfect set up if a little OTT.  I think if it was reworked it could be a great story... sadly as it is it was terrible. 

PS:It was also one of those books that ends at 66% with a bunch of other books advertised. So it wasn't very long.

So for me this was a NEPE or a three star read.

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