Saturday, October 26, 2019

Cranky Author Reviews: Dragon Next Door By Terry


First let me say this was a great book. More than great really...but it needs a good edit. The author mixed up the brothers names in multiple spots which was bad. like when they weren't even in the scene she used their name. Once I might have been okay with but when it was the fourth one it got irritating. 

Two red dragon twins who hide from the world... Tristen was an artist. Being Astray (the artist) led to him finding Kelsie out searching for his art. He finds her in an alley trying to save a man and his son from some assholes. He handles the bad guys before letting her go only to find her days later in the same area looking for more of his art for her photography. They hook up and everything seems great until the other dragons show up...

The author needs to work on her timing because the ending were she gets her powers and Xander becomes friends with the other two dragons all happens way too fast. Although they thought other dragons would hate them they don't. Turns out their parents were just assholes. The part were the rescue Kelsie from the other dragons was kinda funny. I liked how they were shocked by Tristen and Xander's size. I think this scene could have used a bit of fleshing out but over all I enjoyed the book and will be reading the next one 

So for me this was a SEPE or a 4 star read.

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