Friday, February 8, 2019

Cranky Author Reviews: Warlord Sky by Cynthia Sky


Qulpa is an older Chamele pilot who's given up on finding his gerel (perfect mate) until he crashes his ship. Feeling useless and defective because he loses his fingers which is a big stigma on his world he thinks his life is over...

Then Nayan walks into his life....sigh. I loved her and Qulpa together him determined to love her and she trying to keep him safe. They were both strong characters. That's hard to find in a female lead these days. Read three books back to back with doormat Heroines and hated them all...which is why I didn't review them hahhahaha

This book is great. The two main characters discover they are much stronger than they thought and they end up making each other stronger because of those discoveries...Loved this book!!

So for me this book was an SEPE or 5-star read which got me interested in her other series which is turning out to be just as good LOL stay tuned will be reviewing one of her cyborg series next LOL

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