Saturday, August 11, 2018

Cranky Author Reviews: Combust by Drew Elyse

Sigh...Daz and Avery. So good together. 

I read this whole series backwards LOL. I hate doing that but this book was one I read because I had already read Marked (click for review) and fallen in love with the two characters which led me to reading this book. 

I can say I enjoyed this one a lot more than I did Marked. The two of them had a connection that I loved seeing. Avery had as many commitment issues as Daz did and to see the two of them come together in this book was amazing. 

I LOOOOOVED sausage day at the strip club LOL made me love Daz even more that it was his idea...Normally a stripper isn't my idea of a lead character with class but somehow Drew managed to nail it. Avery wasn't overly flirty with other men and she didn't act like a club whore. Nope she was a classy lady who took her clothes off for money trying to get her dream back. 

As for the useless dillhole who tried so hard to ruin both their lives he got what he deserved even if it did mean a good man had to go to prison. (I hated that for Stone) Avery and Daz seemed to fall in love seamlessly and without much fanfare. 

So for me this book was a EPE or five star read...