Monday, March 12, 2018

Cranky Author Reviews: Torn From You by Nashoda Rose

This book kind of broke me... 

I am not a reader of angsty dark dramas but this book was f##king amazing.  I recommend reading the free book With You before you read this one though so that you feel the love Sculpt has for Emily before you ever read this one because if I hadn't I would have stopped reading in the first chapter...

When Emily is kidnapped by Sculpts father and taken into his disgusting house of darkness and filth. He goes back to protect her in the only way he can by walking back into hell. What happens to Emily in this book isn't as tragic as it can be but it still breaks her in a way that most people never walk away from. 

She is never raped but she is touched by evil and hurt and tortured. Some of her reactions were valid but the love he has for her is in every touch he gives her when they're alone. 

Hell is what he's lived through and when he gets her out there is still more hell in store for him as they try to get her location out of him but he would never betray her. Even as the pain poured out on the pages I knew he loved her and that her kidnapping had never been his plan. 

When they're finally both free rebuilding the bridge between them would be easy if he only told her what his father had done to them but he won't. They still manage with a little help from friends to get themselves to the HEA they both deserved. 

So since this book broke me I will have to give it a EPE or 5-stars plus about five more because this book was heartbreakingly beautiful despite its darkness...

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