Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cranky Author Reviews: Healing the Broken by Evangeline Anderson

First let me say I love most of her kindred books... there are a few that aren't great but thankfully this one wasn't one of those LOL

Sazar and Sarah are a cute couple although the situation that they experienced was kind of ridiculous and a bit farfetched... I mean when the clothing for woman is see through with nipple jewelry men tug on it's pretty obvious that things are going to go south real quick and not in a good way soooo.... Although I liked them as a couple and the story was interesting the whole world Evangeline created seemed at times like a really bad porno that this nice normal couple had been thrust into...LOL

Then there was the whole thing where he knew she was running from something on earth and he still just let her leave without thinking oh hey maybe I should put some safeguards in place so she doesn't get hurt... The kidnapping by the cult she'd run from made me a bit angry because it was a way to cause conflict in the story that didn't need to be there or maybe it just seemed like he would have thought of it if he had half a brain and was as protective as the kindred are supposed to be...just saying seemed a little dumb to me.

Ok after reading this you may think that this was a book I didn't enjoy because I kind of picked it apart a little but the truth is it wasn't bad and I did enjoy it LOL...

So for me this was an SEPE or 4-starts because it was good but not amazingly so... 

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