Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Cranky Author Reviews: Freeing the Prisoner by Evangeline Anderson

Kindred stories are some of my favorite ones by Evangeline. I really loved the way Dani the wayward princes in a male chauvinistic society decides to rescue the only man who doesn't treat her like an object.

Kyron is a touch kindred who falls in love with the princess the minute he meets her because she is his mate and he figures that out quickly when she feeds and cares for him while he is in captivity despite his largeness.

Dani is smart and (despite being raised in an almost abusive environment) has a backbone. She wasn't raised to be a warrior and yet she seems to be one. Her sister seemed vapid and a little clueless but when Kyron escapes with Dani to the hive plant they realize they're in love.

She thinks he is dead when the bad guys show up and blow up the ship. She gets dragged back to her plant to marry some deadly old blowhard who intends to punish her. Oh and her father is an idiot and allows the evil bastard to convince him to allow his daughters to be married against their will but Merrick and Kyron show up to save them.

I liked that part however the part about the dad just giving them away like an idiot and having the women he was supposed to have loved stoned to death all seemed stupid to me. He was a king... act like it.

It all works out even though Kyron is a dumbass and tries to leave her briefly...

SO for me this was a SEPE or 4.5 star read....

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