Monday, September 3, 2018

Cranky Author Reviews: Engage by Drew Elyse

Jager and Ember...

Hmmmm...well I enjoyed this story but I did feel a lack of care from Jager at times... he seemed to want to push her away way more than pull her close. 

I get why but it was still a little bit of a let down after reading the other books in the series and seeing how much he seemed to adore her. If I hadn't read those stories this book might have been even more disappointing.

So we have Ember who was snatched in the middle of the night by her ex-boyfriends mob creditors because he sold her? I don't really get how that worked but anywho then she tells them to take her to the Disciples because they will foot the bill...and Jager does even though he doesn't have a clue that she's Roadrunner's daughter. 

They end up falling into a sexual relationship that seems to be easy and fun for them both until Ember finds her emotions involved. Cue the assholery on his part before she smacks him in line and things heat up in a good way as the two find their footing and Jager becomes less of a dick.

All in all it was an EXP or five star read and I was happy with the end results despite not liking Jager at times.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Cranky Author Reviews: Combust by Drew Elyse

Sigh...Daz and Avery. So good together. 

I read this whole series backwards LOL. I hate doing that but this book was one I read because I had already read Marked (click for review) and fallen in love with the two characters which led me to reading this book. 

I can say I enjoyed this one a lot more than I did Marked. The two of them had a connection that I loved seeing. Avery had as many commitment issues as Daz did and to see the two of them come together in this book was amazing. 

I LOOOOOVED sausage day at the strip club LOL made me love Daz even more that it was his idea...Normally a stripper isn't my idea of a lead character with class but somehow Drew managed to nail it. Avery wasn't overly flirty with other men and she didn't act like a club whore. Nope she was a classy lady who took her clothes off for money trying to get her dream back. 

As for the useless dillhole who tried so hard to ruin both their lives he got what he deserved even if it did mean a good man had to go to prison. (I hated that for Stone) Avery and Daz seemed to fall in love seamlessly and without much fanfare. 

So for me this book was a EPE or five star read... 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Cranky Author Reviews: Marked by Drew Elyse


Marked was a hit and a miss for me. I liked the story and the way the characters were written but I hated the fact that she was three years out from a loss and hadn't dealt with anything. 

I get love being strong and feeling guilty is normal, but I hated that she used it like a crutch to prevent herself from moving on. I did however love the way Liam or Lee as Kelly called him had patience with her. And that she didn't sit around whining too much after she decided to heal her heart finally!! 

Her kid was cute and the family dynamic was perfect. I loved Liam more than I liked his Gypsy... she just annoyed me with her unwillingness to get past the whole husband who was dead. I thought she was over it enough to move on, but then she was still dealing with it in the epilogue which was somewhat annoying. Loving someone so much is okay and I get that it still hurts but treating the man you love differently because its the anniversary of your dead husbands death isn't okay. That's not healed—its not letting go which I didn't like. 

I got that she loved Joel (I even understood why the baby's name and the day of the anniversary of his death would be hard on her and make her sad.) but the whole weeks of grief thing overshadowed the romance making it a little depressing.

So for me this was a SEPE or 4-star read...because I felt the grief more than the romance 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Cranky Author Reviews: Torn From You by Nashoda Rose

This book kind of broke me... 

I am not a reader of angsty dark dramas but this book was f##king amazing.  I recommend reading the free book With You before you read this one though so that you feel the love Sculpt has for Emily before you ever read this one because if I hadn't I would have stopped reading in the first chapter...

When Emily is kidnapped by Sculpts father and taken into his disgusting house of darkness and filth. He goes back to protect her in the only way he can by walking back into hell. What happens to Emily in this book isn't as tragic as it can be but it still breaks her in a way that most people never walk away from. 

She is never raped but she is touched by evil and hurt and tortured. Some of her reactions were valid but the love he has for her is in every touch he gives her when they're alone. 

Hell is what he's lived through and when he gets her out there is still more hell in store for him as they try to get her location out of him but he would never betray her. Even as the pain poured out on the pages I knew he loved her and that her kidnapping had never been his plan. 

When they're finally both free rebuilding the bridge between them would be easy if he only told her what his father had done to them but he won't. They still manage with a little help from friends to get themselves to the HEA they both deserved. 

So since this book broke me I will have to give it a EPE or 5-stars plus about five more because this book was heartbreakingly beautiful despite its darkness...

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cranky Author Reviews: Shifted by L. Leite


Let me start by saying I liked this book despite it's flaws. But I would be lying if I said there weren't many flaws...

The book lacks body language and jumps from one persons head to another's...which got a little confusing at times...

Despite that and word confusion/choice issues I enjoyed this book enough to buy the next one in the series.

Maverick is future alpha of his pack and meets his true mate by chance after a bird bath (that we never really discover how it came to be crushing Rory only that it was crooked. I'm guessing she was trying to move it but was she lying under it? Because she couldn't move it according to it's massively over stated weight.) pins a dying Rory to the ground.  He removes the heavy birdbath and scoops her up to carry her to his clinic...

Only it's a big no, no to take her there and he gets into trouble  with his alpha... ex-girlfriend drama ensues and Rory gets left for a month with a stalker (Maverick) hovering out her window watching her every move... 

He gets balls and comes for her mating her against his fathers approval. A feral wolf attacks her before he can turn her almost killing Rory but Willow (her sister) manages to save her and she ends up being a rare white wolf. Meaning that what they thought was going to be a hard sell ( a turned human as the alpha's mate) becomes easy... leaving them happily mated and in love...

Aww so for me this was a SEPE or 4-star read... with more body langue and separation between head jumps this could have been a five star read.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Cranky Author Reviews: Freeing the Prisoner by Evangeline Anderson

Kindred stories are some of my favorite ones by Evangeline. I really loved the way Dani the wayward princes in a male chauvinistic society decides to rescue the only man who doesn't treat her like an object.

Kyron is a touch kindred who falls in love with the princess the minute he meets her because she is his mate and he figures that out quickly when she feeds and cares for him while he is in captivity despite his largeness.

Dani is smart and (despite being raised in an almost abusive environment) has a backbone. She wasn't raised to be a warrior and yet she seems to be one. Her sister seemed vapid and a little clueless but when Kyron escapes with Dani to the hive plant they realize they're in love.

She thinks he is dead when the bad guys show up and blow up the ship. She gets dragged back to her plant to marry some deadly old blowhard who intends to punish her. Oh and her father is an idiot and allows the evil bastard to convince him to allow his daughters to be married against their will but Merrick and Kyron show up to save them.

I liked that part however the part about the dad just giving them away like an idiot and having the women he was supposed to have loved stoned to death all seemed stupid to me. He was a king... act like it.

It all works out even though Kyron is a dumbass and tries to leave her briefly...

SO for me this was a SEPE or 4.5 star read....

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cranky Author Reviews: Healing the Broken by Evangeline Anderson

First let me say I love most of her kindred books... there are a few that aren't great but thankfully this one wasn't one of those LOL

Sazar and Sarah are a cute couple although the situation that they experienced was kind of ridiculous and a bit farfetched... I mean when the clothing for woman is see through with nipple jewelry men tug on it's pretty obvious that things are going to go south real quick and not in a good way soooo.... Although I liked them as a couple and the story was interesting the whole world Evangeline created seemed at times like a really bad porno that this nice normal couple had been thrust into...LOL

Then there was the whole thing where he knew she was running from something on earth and he still just let her leave without thinking oh hey maybe I should put some safeguards in place so she doesn't get hurt... The kidnapping by the cult she'd run from made me a bit angry because it was a way to cause conflict in the story that didn't need to be there or maybe it just seemed like he would have thought of it if he had half a brain and was as protective as the kindred are supposed to be...just saying seemed a little dumb to me.

Ok after reading this you may think that this was a book I didn't enjoy because I kind of picked it apart a little but the truth is it wasn't bad and I did enjoy it LOL...

So for me this was an SEPE or 4-starts because it was good but not amazingly so...