Monday, February 1, 2016

Crank Author Reviews Rock Redemption by Nalini Signh

You all know that I love her books and think she is an utterly brilliant writer. 
This one is no different...

You have Noah who is broken by a tragic thing that happened to him when he was a young boy that his family blamed on him (A**holes) This made him feel like everyone would turn against him if they knew about what had happened including Kit. 

I really usually hate self destructive hero's who keep doing crappy things to the heroine but I just couldn't hate him because Nalini wrote him too likable despite the flaws in his thinking... (Again brilliant) They struggle with their relationship and find ways to make it work.

I loved that she bought him a bed for in the garden because it helped him sleep. In a way they're relationship was strong mostly because of the way his need to be loved by her overshadowed the past he had suffered. 

One thing I was going to be super angry about was the end when he goes to a strip club to try and screw up their relationship after they'd gotten all the bad out in the open... I was done then but she saved it and him in my eyes because I was pretty pissed off since it was the end of the book.... She had him just sit in the parking lot and not go inside and then he came home. 

Thank the lord cause again I was MAD about that one hahahaha...but any who it was a good read and I am looking forward to more in this series.

A solid EPE or 4.5 stars only because I was a little annoyed by the way he kept trying to screw his life up. I get it he was destroyed as a child but he was an adult and at some point even if it was horrid you have to chose to let it go or it will rule your life and mind forever. I am not knocking anyone but it's about choices you have to choose to move forward or stay in the past. (Wow that became a bit of a rant LOL.) So solid 4.5 

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