Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Wild Blue Yonder by Megan Tayte

          Book 3 of Ceruleans series...

This book was interesting...you discover what "heaven" looks like. Only it's more of a prison than heaven.

It starts with a strange cult like following of a woman who seems caring but isn't. The whole purpose becomes about making contact with her sister to "save" her. Missing Luke and with a broken heart she has to pretend that Jude is the one she wants for the cult like leader Evangeline. 

I didn't like that she had to basically agree to be that person Evangeline wanted her to be in order to get what she wanted. A way off the island...I hate when people are held against their will it's not any fun.

Although I wasn't sure I would like this book by the end I was a bit more of a fan. I'm a die hard romantic as we all know...hence my career choice, but by the end I was on board.

It seems like the more answers there are the more questions I find about this world the author has created in her series. Any who, they finally catch up to sister dearest to save her only to discover she isn't willing to be saved because she wants to be with the Fallen...so she murders someone in front of them losing her soul and their ability to want her in their lives. It was sad because the truth comes out about Jude...He's in love with her sister...awww. So sad that's going to have to resolve in the next books in order for me to like the rest of the series...

I hope that the author either gives him someone he can love or makes it so that she gets saved somehow because otherwise my reviews for these book may be mixed lol...because––DIE HARD ROMANTIC here.

All in all i give this one a EPE or a 5 star read because it answered some of the questions I had but left me with others...the ending was what really got me to loove it...because she got to be with Luke.

Copy received in exchange for an honest review.

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