Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Bengal's Quest by: Lora Leigh


Despite this being book #30 I am still hooked!

This was very good although like all her books it left more questions than answers at the end...

This is the story I have wanted from the moment they first talked about Gideon the crazy Bengal because something about him was sexy, tortured, and exciting. 

What I didn't see coming was the way he loved Catarina or his Cat. She was his rock that one person who kept him sane and whole. Cat didn't know that and had no idea what she meant to him or the family who had adopted her. 

They loved her but they didn't fight for her which led her to believe that she was alone in the world when that was far from true. The things I didn't like were that they didn't explain things that needed to come to light in this book because Lora seems to have a plan for his series but it also seems to never end...I get why but it's getting a little old. She should start reveal larger pieces of the main plot that connects the breeds and stop pussyfooting around the damned thing. 

It was a nice touch to see her family pop up at the end and to only have one run in with the council. It was also nice to have an alpha who wasn't overly idiotic which has seemed to be a theme in her books until the last two or three. Don't get me wrong she is a brilliant writer who has held my attention for 30 books which is rare normally around book 15-17 I get bored and move on but with her I haven't so kudos to Lora for that. 

All in all this was a EPE or five star read and likely I will reread it as I have with most of the books in this series...

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