Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Lifemaker by Dean F. Wilson


**Copy received in exchange for an honest review
I enjoy this book better than the first one...I liked that there was more of an emotional response between Taberah and Jacob.

I also loved the struggles they faced as the submarine sank to the bottom of the ocean...the sea monster was a exciting addition to the story and had me thinking our Hero would sink to the bottom of the ocean and die even though I knew that wasn't going to happen...because really that never happens.

It was also interesting that the lifemaker was filled with Pure women who were pregnant...I was a little bored by all the talk of repairing the Lifemaker after the attack and sabotage. But I did find the revelation that Whistler was a half demon interesting and I feel it explains a bit why Taberah wasn't much of a mother to the poor was another touching scene between Jacob and the boy that gives me hope for Taberah's new child.

Perhaps the kid will have one good parent...the death of the lifemaker at the hands of Cala was an interesting twist too...

The story was interesting and for me it was a SEPE or 4 star read and I will be looking forward to the next one in the series...

PS> You need to read Hopebreaker before you read Lifemaker in order to understand this book... Hopebreaker Review

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