Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Craving Her by Kelly Lucille


Normally I love her books in this series but I have to say this one was a little disappointing. 

I still enjoyed it but I felt like the romance between Chloe and Shawn was rushed a bit because almost the entire first half of the book Shawn fought their connection...

That would have been okay if not for the quick end to the story. This book felt like it was more about advancing the plot for Lionsgate than a romance about the two main characters...

That said I did like the way once they were finally together they clicked well and had the connection and love that her books always seem to have. 

Although, I got a little annoyed that she kept using then instead of than because it was a bit confusing on several occasions. I am not one to talk about grammar because I am not a stickler but that did bother me a lot. 

I will tell you that somewhere around 99% she somehow mixed up Lucas and Logan's names. It confused me for a minute until I figured it out because Lucas had left the room and he was hugging her which threw me for a loop until I figured out that it was Logan but the names had gotten mixed up.

All in all I did enjoy this book in her Keeping Her for me this was a SEPE or 4 stars

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