Monday, March 16, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: A Life Worth Living by Pnina Baim


Copy of this book received in exchange for honest review.

This book was a surprising hit for me. I didn't know anything about the jewish culture and wasn't sure that I'd even like this book.

But I did. Gaby was a interesting character if a little obsessive about Benny and Saar...which from the way they treated her I didn't get. 

She seemed like a smart girl why was she alway allow men to use her.  That bit did annoy me...a lot.

It was interest learning about a very different culture than my own. Although, not knowing any hebrew it was hard to understand a lot of the words which were peppered into the book. I would recommend a hebrew term index to the author for people like me who don't anything about the culture they are reading about. 

In some ways I think her brother was more mature than she was...she seemed to allow every one else to decide what was best for her and the random hook-up when she was dating Hillel was stupid.

Despite these frustrations I still like the book and enjoyed Gaby's journey into adulthood and learning to find a life in a new world. to go from America to Israel had to hard. 

Her friend dying had a profound effect on her life and change it's direction again. It was sad. Her starting a career to help her brother was also very kind and grown up of her.

so for me this one was an EPE or 5 stars (even with the things I didn't like about Gaby's behavior they story was engaging and very much about a girl who was learning to find herself.) 

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