Friday, March 6, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Kiss of the Fey by Charlotte Cyprus


*Copy of this title received in exchange for an honest review. 

Well I think the author had a great concept and the idea was engaging...but I was a little bored. 

It seemed to take forever to get into the romance of the story. I liked the idea it was brilliant! Only it seemed to start out at an okay pace but then the trip to his castle after he saved her took FOREVER.  I think if the author had dwelled less on this and more on what happened after she was stabbed with the cursed knife and played a bit more on why the sister hated her so much it would have made for a better story line.

It wasn't that the book was horrible it just wasn't as good as I hoped after reading the synapsis. I really wanted to like this book. I kept waiting for the relationship to pick up a bit only it was slow almost to the end. 

Again I did love the idea and I think with a few minor tweaks this story could have been so much better. That said I did like the idea behind the cursed king and the pet dragon. Also liked the curse being broken at the end by their love but this book still fell flat for me. 

It could be so much better with a little work on the pacing and dropping the parts about them traveling. The seashell idea was also excellent. 

So because I loved the idea but was dreadfully unhappy with the pacing for me this book is only a NSGPE or a 3 star

About the Author:

Charlotte Cyprus is a fan of love. She enjoys writing romance and bringing new things to life through fantasy. She lives in rural Pennsylvania and is currently attending college. She hopes to continue writing for many years until she owns a whole grumble of pugs. Kiss of The Fey is her first novel.

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