Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: The Rocker who Shatters Me by Terri Anne Browning


Terri alway seems to make you love her characters because even though I hated that this one started off with Natalie wanting to punish Devlin. I felt she was being very unforgiving and she wouldn't even let him make it up to her after months of him trying to get her to let him. I mean I get he screwed up and she felt like he didn't care, but she was acting a bit childish over it really. Then she has sex with him and tortures him with the fact that she got the morning after pill to get rid of their little mistake just to torture him again...(Shaking head in bewilderment at this woman's childish behavior...come on.)

Anywho...jump to the middle and they are together on the tour and he is trying to make it up to her and she bets Marissa that she can make him pay like she did. I mean really??? After what him betting made you feel you want to do that same thing to him...sigh. Okay so far from this review you'd think this is a bad review...but it's not. Although, these things annoyed me greatly. I still loved the book and for me it was another grand slam. 

They get together, YAY...and then Devlin discovers that whoops she didn't take morning after pill and is preggers. Oops, guess that didn't go as planed.

He gets upset and says something stupid, but fixes it and we have another happy ending for a Rocker, who was a bad boy until he met his match. Love it.  Ready for the next story...oh ya, forgot to mention this one ends with an almost kidnapping and a injured Rocker....Hope it turns out okay...and the Rocker lives to get their HEA.

Guess we all have to wait and see...

Rating :: EPE or Excellent personal Experience. 5 Stars

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