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Cranky Author Reviews :: The Color of Happiness

By K.P Gazelle   Y. A. Romance (No HEA)


Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review...

All I can say about this book is WOW.

I began this book unsure what to think about it from the synapses. Yet, after the first ten pages I was hooked. I am not one to like or even think it's at all okay to commit suicide and this girl contemplated it not once but twice in this book. And yet I would recommend this book to anyone because it was amazing...

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a story about true love and learning to move on after a tragic loss. Trust me you'll want to read this book.

This book begins with our slightly misfit character Faith who is bullied at school and at home to an extent by her parents who think she's never quite good enough. They love her but expect a lot from her. This is hard for her with the self esteem issues and being bullied for years causes. (This brings to mind current issues and something I think any parent needs to learn. Be mindful of what is happening at school for your kids, because bullying is happening all across the country and it's brutal.)

Faith manages to not do the horridly selfish thing and instead decides to live.

Enters Alex a jock who falls hard for a girl wearing a what amounts to a Mexican flag...well at least an outfit that has the colors of the Mexican flag, and kudos to her for wearing something that others will ridicule her for because it made her mother happy.

Alex, the goofy and perfect man who is nuts about her and treats her like a queen helps her gain confidence. He shows her that she's always had a backbone. She's just never used it. Alex is good at helping her discover her own worth and does this right until the tragically sad ending of his life (in a fire rescuing her) but we will get to the actual tears I shed over that in a minute (yes, I cried it was horridly sad!! For anyone who knows me it takes a lot to make me cry. It's also RARE for me to absolutely love a story about love that doesn't end with a HEA. And yet I couldn't be angry with the author for this even when I so wanted to be because this end was too beautiful to put into words.)

I did find a few things odd about the book, but they weren't able to stop me from thinking that this book is so gut wrenching amazing that instead of working on my own book (which is coming up to deadline (Sorry readers) very soon, next month in fact) I was reading hers because I was unable to put it down.

The two things that stood out as odd were the summer school thing (I suppose she attended for extra credit because I know she was getting A's that her family thought weren't good enough)and the way her parents were indifferent at some points and not at others. It made for an odd combo

But having said that those things were odd I will say that him dying while rescuing her then the discovery at the end of what he never told her broke my heart. It was very sad. And it made me cry.

And yet her strength at the end, her getting back up with a heart ripped to pieces because he inspires her to live was amazing...just Fabulous.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a story about true love and learning to move on after a tragic loss. Trust me you'll want to read this book.

(I am now a fan of this author and that is saying something that I enjoyed this book so much that I will put any future releases on my immediate to read list.) 

EPE or Excellent Personal Experience or 5 stars...and if I could give it more I would!!

About the Author

K. P. Gazelle has been connected with young adults in some way for as long as she can remember. She's obsessed with coffee, books, and big dreams.

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