Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews : And one last thing...

Molly Harper's Book : And one last thing...


You can buy this book at any bookstore out there because it's a mainstream romance published by Gallery Books. So this week I won't post a link to Amazon. 

I actually read the intro to this book months ago and didn't buy it because of the cost. Cost is why I know that I was spoiled by my kindle. The savings, oh dear lord, the savings for a reader of my caliber. (Sometimes two a day if I am off, and the chores are done, and I am not writing of which none seems to happen anymore. In case your wondering. Yes, I do have a pathological condition that makes me write huge run-ons.) 

Anyhow to the book...

I think this one was worth reading, although not sure it was worth the price. Loved the story. It begins with poor betrayed Lacey having a melt down after her no good cheating bastard of a husband is discovered in his dastardly deeds. Sticking his wick into the receptionist Beebee, who is the typical stereotyped "other woman" right down to the fake knockers and the clueless attitude about the destruction she has caused.  

Poor Lacey was obviously a moron! whoops here's the snarly.

She was totally clueless even when her husband was gone more than he was home. She knew about the signs a man was cheating and still didn't see it. (Okay some men are just really good lairs and I really think that she was just not that interested in her husband really. I mean if you need a vibrator to get off why even bother dealing with a man who treats you like crap?)

So off  she heads to the wilderness where she finds, yep, you guessed it a hunk who's excellent in bed. Ha, didn't see that one coming at all did you? 
Okay maybe you did. 

He's one Francis (wow really?) "Lefty" Monroe and he's hot alpha man candy. Although his left cheeks a little puckered and not the one on his face either. (Ha, you'll have to read it to see why, cause I'm not telling. hahaha.)

This is where things get iffy for me. The heroine (why are the women lower cased h while the men are upper cased H? Never got that when most romance readers are WOMEN. So why can't we be the capital? But I digress, back to the book.) has a great time with him. And yes she was burned, but why does she act like a selfish, spoiled brat when faced with her man's love for her? I didn't like that. I did however like that her gay brother and his friends set her straight about her sad little tantrum. 

The ending is the other reason this one's rated a so-so read (4 stars for those who didn't read the intro on my "what the blog" page) for me. It left you hanging. They were moving in together, but she never told him if she was in love with him or not. Why, why, why don't I know the answer to this question? It seems like a very long read to find out in the end that he never knows for sure that he matters to her.
Hence, snarly comments about telling the poor man you love him. That is the only thing I am asking, so that I know she isn't going to leave him a week later when he makes her insane. (Let's face it ladies, it will happen. Cause I haven't met a single man in my life who didn't at some point make me insane with his logic. Can I get an AMEN?)  

Any way this one gets a rating of : Sort of Excellent Personal Experence or SEPE  

If this Author's opinion of this book intrigues you then check it out, but this one's expensive Ladies and Gents, so be aware. Being an older title it may be available at  library near you...Happy Reading!

If you enjoyed this review subscribe. If you didn't, don't. I'm sure that I'll live even if nobody ever does. 

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