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Cranky Author Reviews: Feel the Burn by G.A. Aiken

 Okay I've said it before but I just love Aiken's overly oblivious characters.. they just crack me up and Kachka and Gaius were no different...

Kachka is a daughter of the steppers....blah etcetera because I am so not typing all that mess... any who she is the sister of Elina from Light My Fire which I already reviewed previously. 

She is very much a warrior and she makes a great match for the Rebel King who melts your heart despite his viciousness towards his own kin... not that the jerks didn't deserve it. With their worship for a crazed one eyed god who is set to take over the world and their need to kill their own family as well as anyone in their way they all deserved what they got from Gaius. 

The only thing I can say about this book is that there is a lot of plot building in this one folks but I didn't feel too cheated even if the scenes between the two main characters seemed slightly less than normal.... But I did miss the branding it was sadly missing from this one which was a little disappointing. 

I love the way they found happiness together in a word gone mad from the cult that is trying to destroy everyone who doesn't worship their god... ugg religious persecution is never pretty.

Any who these two made me laugh and they were perfect for each other... Kachka and Gaius are two of my favorite character's written by Aiken because the whole steppers plot and their view on men is funny as hell... and they are good together as are all of her couples and they always just seem to fit no matter their faults which I love...

So for me this was an EXE although I would give it a 4.9 stars because I really missed the branding....

Friday, November 13, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Wylie by Stacy L. Mantlo and C. Shivers

Great read... I really liked the way this was written although I didn't think Whitney resisted him enough I did love the two of them together. They were passionate and very cute together...

I loved how Whit handled Jolene lol so funny but I won't give it away. I will however say ha ha witchy-tey witch serves your ass right....

I loved the cameos from Gunner and Indie as well at the slight cliff the authors leave you on going into the next story...what the hell happened to Alayna??? Now I have to wait for Emmitt's book to see and we all know how I HATE WAITING!!

Over all the story was funny and light but hot too... it was a great book and I enjoyed reading it. Although, like I say sometimes I think she gave in a bit too easy it's was overall a great story and I am ready for the next installment...

I also hope the authors decide to give poor Colton a story of his own because he needs one. I like him a lot after reading about him in both Gunner and Wylie's stories...

Over I give this on a EPE or five stars...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cranky Author Back in action...

Hello Followers,

I haven't been reading lately because I was desperately working on getting my latest WIP out into the hands of readers. Because of that I haven't posted a review in a while but wanted you to know that I am still going to be doing reviews and will pick this back up soon. Will be posting soon on the great book I am currently reading. PS the first one in the series is one I have reviewed and it's currently on sale for .99 cents at Amazon and B&N. 

For anyone who's book I said I would review I have you on the list and I promise I haven't forgotten about you!! :-) Just had to get my title out. I also have been having issues with my website that I have since resolved so I should be back on track. You will likely see several book posts in the next few weeks. Thanks for sticking it out with me and I will get back on track I promise! 


Friday, October 23, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Mate Marked: Shifters of Silver Peak by Georgette St. Clair

I have read all of her books and some are much better than others. This one was one of the better one's. 

Chelsea Wintergreen is the new sherriff and the way she ends up getting her job is kind of silly but in the scheme of things makes sense. 

She take on Alpha bad boy Roman Kincaid in an alleyway no less with only her purse to do it with and the town sees this as a way to pass their problems off on her...

I liked the many attempts she makes to bring him to justice and the laughable way he always slips away.  Roman is determined not to fall for her but he already has...only thing is there are several things keeping them apart like the crazy man who tries to kill them and the woman who thinks she can trap him...

Of course chaos ensues and we end up with a tangled web of mishaps that end up leading to the HEA... all in all I liked this one better than I did the last one she did and it was a fairly decent read...

So I give it a Almost EPE or 4.5 stars because I think that the HEA at the end happened too fast and that there should have been another chapter to give it a chance to unfold more naturally....

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Archangel's Enigma By: Nalini Singh



Even though Naasir's thought process was a little odd almost like a animal or child would think very black and white Singh made it work.

Andromeda understood Nassir because of the way she was raised. Her life before she met Naasir wasn't a good one. Andromeda and Nassir had a lot of challenges to face and when she had to go to her grandfathers court for a 500 year term I was like what??? But Alexander the Archangel they awakened saved the day and made it to where she was able to live her life with Nassir. 

I have to say being kidnapped by an insane archangel who thinks she is a goddess wasn't much fun for our heroine...Not at all and the crazy nut who is her troop leader follows her like a cult leader. Ummm, Xi that B-tch is CRAZY so you might want to rethink that whole following her like she was a cult leader...

They end up running head long into the jungle searching for Alexander in a race to save him from the evil Lijuan and he does them a solid by saving Andromeda from the life she would have suffered in her grandfather's court. One where she would be expected to be brutal and cold hearted when she wasn't. It would have broke her I think so it was a good thing she didn't have to serve him...

And the ending with what happened with Illium almost dying nearly killed me!! Weeping real tears in gratitude that he didn't die...but what is going on with him being a light bulb for Rapheal...hummm, I hate that I have to wait till the next book is out for more pieces of this puzzle....

Any who this was another EPE or 5-star read from Nalini...

Monday, September 21, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Ghetto by M. L. Sparrow

I actually really liked this book. It was interesting if it was a bit slow to get into...but the connection between Sunny and Sin won me over.

It wasn't that the first part of the book, which was about building the world so that you understood what was happening, was bad it just wasn't very exciting. But once she was thrust into the unknown and met Sin things began to pick up for me...

 I found the world to be interesting and I liked the idea behind the whole bar code type identification that it was illegal not to have. I also enjoyed the split she created by having a good side and a bad side of the society. The Ghetto is where they send criminals but they are very black and white about the whole who's a criminal and who isn't. 

If a child is born in the Ghetto they're considered to be a criminal even if they had never committed a crime some because they were not given a bar code to make them legal as is the case with Sin. If a man was starving and stole food once then they were thrust into the ghetto for life. Every small crime or perceived crime by the higher ups was punished by thrusting that person into the world of the have not's which was filled with poverty and danger. It's kinda a recipe you see in a lot of novels with the have's pitted against the have not's but she twisted the plot into an interesting enough theme to keep my attention despite it's having been done before...

Sunny has an incurable disease that is killing her despite the invented Cure-all that they have that fixes the issue temporally each time she takes it... Then you have the normal conflict that brings them back into her world. Sin gets nabbed by the police and she runs in to save him because after all who's going to stop the presidents daughter...and we get the happy ever after for our happy couple and of course they save the day for everyone in the Ghetto who's not a criminal...yay

Most of the romance was sweet and innocent but all in all I  give this one EPE or 5-stars...

Amazon US/Ghetto
Amazon UK/Ghetto

About the Author:

I'm not really sure what to say about myself - my real life is defiantly not as exciting as my imaginary one! I'm currently working in childcare and writing in my spare time. All my life I've dreamed of becoming an author, except when I was little and wanted to be a farmer! 

Besides writing, and obviously reading anything I can get my hands on, my other passion is travel. After finishing college I took a break from education to travel, visiting Mexico, Sri Lanka and, my personal favourite, Japan. One day I hope to be able to combine the two and travel while writing professionally.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: My Amnesia Girl-Spoiled Brats by Marissa Machan


I don't know about this book...
the beginning for me was hard to understand it seemed to jump around a lot and it was a little confusing for me that you jumped from the Dad's perspective to Vanessa's...

I tried so hard to love this book but I just felt it was lacking something... some parts of the story were good and I did like the way he fell for her head over heals from the start. 

It was nice when they meet and he is charmed despite her behavior and then she falls into the ocean and gets Amnesia and he tells her she's his wife. It was cute at times and a little bit more like a young teen romance than an adult romance. Maybe ages 13-16 would be a good fit for this book...although the faded out sex scenes might be a bit advanced for 13 would fit nicely with 14+ year olds.

I do believe that it needs a bit of polish in order to clean up some of the start at least the first six chapters or so because it was jumping around from one perspective to another. The book wasn't awful it had potential but it just needs someone to go back and eliminate some of the jumping around from head to head and the dialogue in some places needs work. 

It wasn't a terrible read and what other reviewers where saying is true that the romance part was sweet but not really melt your heart good. 

I do think that Michael's thoughts seemed much younger than his age and Vanessa's thoughts were sometimes not expressed well. 

but getting back to the plot...
 She finds out after months that he's not her husband and that she was rich they make up and she is preggers. He asks her to marry him and they end up with a HEA

All in all I give it a NSEPE or 3.5-stars because I found a lot of the enjoyment was lost in that first part because I was confused in several places...

Buy links: 
Amazon US/Spoiled Brats
Amazon UK/Spoiled Brats

About the Author:
Marissa Marchan is a wife, mother of two, and grandmother of three. She is also a case manager at the District Attorney's Office Child Support Division in Las Vegas, Nevada for nineteen years establishing, enforcing, and modifying child support orders. She is the author of two children's books, A Magical and Inspiring Story: A Boy Named Ray Book 1, and A Magical and Inspiring Story: And Then There's Haley Book 2. She is still working on the third and final book in the series, And Kayla Makes Three.

She discovered her passion for writing fiction, and her inspiration for the story came from her then-eight-year-old grandson, Ray Angelo. When her sister passed away a few years ago, it's been a constant struggle as she suffered extreme feelings of bewilderment, anxiety, and depression for a very long time. Ray Angelo gave her the strength, courage, and inspiration to move on with her life.

Recently, she ventured into the wonderful world of Romance novels after reading her first romance book while at the doctor's office. She wanted it to be an exciting, yet sweet, series, concentrating more on the wanting and the conflict of getting there, hence, A Spoiled Brats Romance Diaries book series was born.

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Cranky Author Reviews: Numbers by Laurann Dohner

Numbers is actually two books in one the first about species #140 or Mourn and the second 927 or Hero...

Book 1: Mourn/#140 is the feline male from Wrath's book who's mate was sick because they where giving her drugs trying to breed them...They end up killing her and leaving Mourn alone and angry

Mourn is starting fights and everyone thinks he has lost it but then he meets Dana (Paul the human nurses sister) who also lost her husband to cancer. She is still broken up about it but wants to help Mourn find his happy place...

She and Mourn hook up in speedy species fashion...For me this one fell a little flat maybe it's because they repeated a similar scene from a pervious book or that it was just a little too hum drum but I found that I was disappointed with the story about this couple maybe the focus was too much on their lost mates for a while or something I am unsure. I can't pin point the exact moment this one lost my interest... 

So for me this one was a NSEPE or 3-star read...

Book 2: 927/Hero is the other species from Tammy and Valiant's book the one who kept her safe while they waited on the rescue to come for them. He is shocked to find that Candi a human and his mate who he thought he'd accidentally killed  when they were still trapped inside Mercile was actually not dead.

Candi was kept in a mental institution for  years until her father who put her into both Mercile and the crazy house dies. The woman that was helping him takes her out to murder her only the jokes on her because Candi has a plan to escape. 

She ends up killing the woman and runs right to homeland and Hero who at first rejects her...

They eventually make up after the truth comes out about how she had no choice to do what she was forced to do but it's a bit heart wrenching because they are both hurt by what happened and Hero feels a lot of guilt that he never looked for her and she was help captive...Because she was raise with the New Species from a young age it's interesting that her thoughts and her verbiage is more similar to them than the way a person would talk or refer to things...

This story I loved and do recommend although I would have liked a bit more of the story to be about Hero and Candi I loved the story.

So for me this one was a EPE or 5-star

Since this is a twofer and I loved one and not so much the other and I can only give it one rating on Goodreads/Amazon I will rate this one a SEPE or 4-star     

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Shards of Hope by Nalini Signh

Sigh, she did it again...Another wonderful book from Nalini's Changeling/Psy series!

I can always count on her writing to be excellent because it alway grabs me and takes me on an adventure and this title was no different. 

This is the story of Aden and Zaira two Arrows (if you aren't familiar with her books you won't know about Arrows so I would suggests starting with her first book called Slave to Sensation( I read it 9 times so I really love it and recommend reading if you haven't already) It will help you to follow along with the series and almost all of them are five star reads. Goodreads link provided) 

They are both silent but in imperfect ways and Zaira having been abused as a child was never truly silent...so heartbreaking at times this book because of her inability to see that she is more than a monster as she believes. Yes, she does have possessive tendencies when it comes to Aden but who wouldn't!! My man is just that My man...maybe I wouldn't become muderous but we all have flaws.

They end up saving a child and forming a new better Arrow group by learning from the changelings, which creates a newer version of emotional Psy after the fall of silence that is more normal and likely less homicidal. 

I love the way that Aden loves her despite her flaws and she is willing to do anything for him. Sigh...awe. I love their connection and the way they lead their people away from the darkness that had consumed them for so long. All I can say is more please!! 

Deffo a EPX or 5 star read...can't wait for more. LOVE LOVE her books every series everyone and for me that is hard to do because a lot of times I love a series and hate another but no with her books every single story is fabulous...not found one yet I don't love!! Way to go! 


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: The Last Dragon by Artemis Milchon

*Copy received in exchange for an honest review.
This was a great love story. I enjoyed the story despite the sometimes hard to follow wording. This is the story of Drake and 'Sally' or Salvation...

Sally is a down trodden woman who is constantly treated like a modern day cinderella by her step siblings who are a bunch of a--holes...

She goes to a club with her two step sisters under duress and ends up getting kidnapped by Mach and Turbo (two of the elementals- a race of beings from another planet) and brought home to save their friend who's dying. 

Enter Drake––who's a dragon elemental of course––and Sally finds out he is being poisoned by a dart and saves him. Then he falls in love with her...

I didn't like the way the author jumped from one head to another in several places because for a moment I would end up a little lost...This as well as the sometimes unbelievable non-reactions to situations lost a bit for me but otherwise I liked this story.

All in all I enjoyed the story even if there were parts of it that lost points for me I was still interested enough to read the whole book and I did like it...

So for me this was a SEPE or 4 star read because I would like to see less of the jumping from head to head and the slightly unbelievable parts...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Wild Blue Yonder by Megan Tayte

          Book 3 of Ceruleans series...

This book was interesting...you discover what "heaven" looks like. Only it's more of a prison than heaven.

It starts with a strange cult like following of a woman who seems caring but isn't. The whole purpose becomes about making contact with her sister to "save" her. Missing Luke and with a broken heart she has to pretend that Jude is the one she wants for the cult like leader Evangeline. 

I didn't like that she had to basically agree to be that person Evangeline wanted her to be in order to get what she wanted. A way off the island...I hate when people are held against their will it's not any fun.

Although I wasn't sure I would like this book by the end I was a bit more of a fan. I'm a die hard romantic as we all know...hence my career choice, but by the end I was on board.

It seems like the more answers there are the more questions I find about this world the author has created in her series. Any who, they finally catch up to sister dearest to save her only to discover she isn't willing to be saved because she wants to be with the Fallen...so she murders someone in front of them losing her soul and their ability to want her in their lives. It was sad because the truth comes out about Jude...He's in love with her sister...awww. So sad that's going to have to resolve in the next books in order for me to like the rest of the series...

I hope that the author either gives him someone he can love or makes it so that she gets saved somehow because otherwise my reviews for these book may be mixed lol...because––DIE HARD ROMANTIC here.

All in all i give this one a EPE or a 5 star read because it answered some of the questions I had but left me with others...the ending was what really got me to loove it...because she got to be with Luke.

Copy received in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: The Rocker Who Hates Me by Terri Anne Browning

Liam and Gabriella have had a long road to get to their happily ever after...

I enjoyed this book but I didn't like they way most of the book happened in a sort of dream state where you learned more about Liam and Gabriella's relationship.

I don't know...of the rocker relationships to date this one I would have to say is my least favorite...

I loved that they were able to overcome their issues, Liam's addiction and Gabriella's misunderstanding but it's still not the way I thought the book would go. Because so much of their relationship needed to be explained the whole book was mostly time spent with her either unconscious or in the hospital. It wasn't boring and it held my attention but I still didn't like that so much of it was about the past.

I wanted to see them connect now not how they connected before her accident. I did however still like the story and it was worth the read even if I was disappointed in the lack of current events...

All in all I would still give it  a EPE or 5 star if for no other reason than that the book took two broken people and made them whole...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Bengal's Quest by: Lora Leigh


Despite this being book #30 I am still hooked!

This was very good although like all her books it left more questions than answers at the end...

This is the story I have wanted from the moment they first talked about Gideon the crazy Bengal because something about him was sexy, tortured, and exciting. 

What I didn't see coming was the way he loved Catarina or his Cat. She was his rock that one person who kept him sane and whole. Cat didn't know that and had no idea what she meant to him or the family who had adopted her. 

They loved her but they didn't fight for her which led her to believe that she was alone in the world when that was far from true. The things I didn't like were that they didn't explain things that needed to come to light in this book because Lora seems to have a plan for his series but it also seems to never end...I get why but it's getting a little old. She should start reveal larger pieces of the main plot that connects the breeds and stop pussyfooting around the damned thing. 

It was a nice touch to see her family pop up at the end and to only have one run in with the council. It was also nice to have an alpha who wasn't overly idiotic which has seemed to be a theme in her books until the last two or three. Don't get me wrong she is a brilliant writer who has held my attention for 30 books which is rare normally around book 15-17 I get bored and move on but with her I haven't so kudos to Lora for that. 

All in all this was a EPE or five star read and likely I will reread it as I have with most of the books in this series...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Gunner by Stacy L Mantlo and C. Shivers

This one was a hit for me. I liked the story about Gunner and Indie. Although, I wasn't fond of the first person view point because I prefer books with third person I did like this book.

It was interesting how the main character moves to a rural town after her ex-fiance´ has sex with her friend minutes before they are to get married. As--ole that he is he blames it on her. She leaves every thing in her life behind including her two best friends and heads to florida to find happiness. 

Where she expects to find peace and quite as well as alone time to heal she instead finds Gunner. He's the Heman type ladies so look out. She gets wrapped up in him only to get kidnapped over some money she is to inherit. Then the house she was renting from Gunner goes up in flames from an ex-girlfriend/drug addict who is nutso. After a bit of over reacting and some childish ranting in her head over finding out the house was the ex's grandmothers house it seems they are on their way to happy love town only more drama comes calling.

In the form of her mother. I did find the money she was going to get and the drama from the mom popping out of the woodwork a bit unbelievable seemed too...easy maybe. 

Not sure what it was but all in all this was a EPE or 5 star read for me and I can't wait till Wyatt's book comes out. 

ARC given in exchange for an honest review...

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Finally got around to making a Facebook page for Cranky Author Book Blog...go on and give us a like at:


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Cranky Author Reviews: Constricted by Becca Campbell

This was another great book from Becca Campbell. I enjoyed reading about Logan's point of view. Although it was a very short read I liked the book.

I Liked leaning about how Logan chose to stay with Jade and about his problems with other people closing him in. 

I would say that the only thing I didn't like was that it didn't really go into his time with Jade and a I would have like to see more of Logan's POV with some of the scenes with them together. I felt that was lacking as there were only one where he sees her with Cam. I did like getting a understanding of his relationship with Violet and how that effected him. It was interesting to learn more about Logan.

I would say that I felt that there could have been a lot more to the story than what there was. It would have been nice to see how he responded to her in danger like she was and the whole running though the cave to find her. This was a well written story that did give you a better insight into his character though...

For me it was a SEPE or 4 star only because I was left wanting to know more about his feelings with Jade and his reactions to her in danger...otherwise another hit by Campbell! 
*ARC received in exchange for honest review

Ps: If you haven't read her first title Empath this book will seem lacking. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Craving Her by Kelly Lucille


Normally I love her books in this series but I have to say this one was a little disappointing. 

I still enjoyed it but I felt like the romance between Chloe and Shawn was rushed a bit because almost the entire first half of the book Shawn fought their connection...

That would have been okay if not for the quick end to the story. This book felt like it was more about advancing the plot for Lionsgate than a romance about the two main characters...

That said I did like the way once they were finally together they clicked well and had the connection and love that her books always seem to have. 

Although, I got a little annoyed that she kept using then instead of than because it was a bit confusing on several occasions. I am not one to talk about grammar because I am not a stickler but that did bother me a lot. 

I will tell you that somewhere around 99% she somehow mixed up Lucas and Logan's names. It confused me for a minute until I figured it out because Lucas had left the room and he was hugging her which threw me for a loop until I figured out that it was Logan but the names had gotten mixed up.

All in all I did enjoy this book in her Keeping Her series...so for me this was a SEPE or 4 stars

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Duke: Rolling Thunder MC by Candace Blevins

I really wanted to like this book but it wasn't great...

Duke and his "Duchess" Gen were cute together most of the time. But I found a lot about these two annoying like for one the way she reacted to him searching her for a weapon was ridiculous!!

It wasn't a betrayal moment like she acted. It was really stupid that then she wasn't going to see him ever again because she was that upset he checked for a gun. I mean REALLY? WTF? it was a bit too silly to think that if I were in a relationship and my man did that I would freak out like a CHILD and run away. It might have worked if the author had made it about her running away from relationships or something...

I don't know it just seemed a bit stupid to me. I loved that they seemed to get each other and that they were a good match....however I could have done with a little less of the butt kink in the sex...I mean how many times can you do that really....ummm guess it just isn't my cup of tea but hey whatever...

So I was okay with about half of the book and skimmed through a lot of the scenes because I wasn't into the kink...I can handle one to two scene's but when you get to five it just loses something and get's freaking boring...very, very boring  at least to me...

Again not my cup of tea... So any who the last two chapters seemed to be an overkill I would have liked the story to end sooner because those chapters were kind of boring...just saying, but to me this book wasn't great.  

Some people may love it and if your into kink this is the book for you....

for me this was a NSEPE or 3 star read...it could have been great without the kink and the boring bits and the over kill on the gun thing... again this just wasn't my cup of tea.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Lifemaker by Dean F. Wilson


**Copy received in exchange for an honest review
I enjoy this book better than the first one...I liked that there was more of an emotional response between Taberah and Jacob.

I also loved the struggles they faced as the submarine sank to the bottom of the ocean...the sea monster was a exciting addition to the story and had me thinking our Hero would sink to the bottom of the ocean and die even though I knew that wasn't going to happen...because really that never happens.

It was also interesting that the lifemaker was filled with Pure women who were pregnant...I was a little bored by all the talk of repairing the Lifemaker after the attack and sabotage. But I did find the revelation that Whistler was a half demon interesting and I feel it explains a bit why Taberah wasn't much of a mother to the poor kid...it was another touching scene between Jacob and the boy that gives me hope for Taberah's new child.

Perhaps the kid will have one good parent...the death of the lifemaker at the hands of Cala was an interesting twist too...

The story was interesting and for me it was a SEPE or 4 star read and I will be looking forward to the next one in the series...

PS> You need to read Hopebreaker before you read Lifemaker in order to understand this book... Hopebreaker Review

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews : Double Dare by RL Mathewson

Although, I normally love her books this one flopped a bit for me...

It was still good but I feel like the focus was to much on the problems in their relationship and it lacked her normal light hearted romantic feel...

Darrin and Marybeth were cute and they loved each other for forever! But I feel like the diagnosis and the heart break was more important than the love they shared which made this book not as good as it could have been. It seemed that Marybeth's reaction was more that of a child than a grown woman. I get it I really do. Being a mother is a big part of being a woman for a lot of women.

Only it felt like the focus was always on that and not the love...I want to feel the pain but still know there is love with this one I felt that it was lacking. Marybeth didn't seem to love him as much as she loved the idea of being victim of her disease.

Yeah it sucked but if it's killing you then you need to fix the issue and move on even if it is depressing and breaks your heart you have a family and man who love you stop whining...Many women can't have children and yeah it's heartbreaking but somehow you have to let it go...

Right off on a tangent...I still loved this book even though I didn't like the reactions to this disease. I loved him telling the new man she was a hooker, I loved the way he knew her, and I loved that he was a typical Bradford and didn't see her flaws because he loved her...

so for me this was an SEPE or 4 star...only because of the focus shift at the end of the book that seemed to take over the story line...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: The Closer you Come by Gena Showalter

First let me say that I have been a little behind with my schedule. I still have a few people's books to read but this one was read before those. 

Sorry for the delay I was working on getting out my next title and have been ill so please forgive the lack of posts. I am going to try to catch up this week! 

Any who on to Closer you Come...this book was  a hit for me. I loved and hated this book...mostly I hated that Brook Lynn's sister was with Jase before her. That was a bit of an yuck factor for me. It just seemed wrong.

Having said that what I loved about this book was they way that he connected with her. I did think the whole reveal about prison and her freaking out seemed a bit over done. I mean I get it but she was always going on and on about how actions mattered more than words for her and then she just freaks and won't talk to him. I don't know bit of over dramatization for me.

Other than that I really liked the story. I liked that she wasn't perfect and neither was he. It was a story about two people who found each other and discovered that they could be happy despite their pasts which made this book really stick with me. 

I think I could have done without the ex showing up with a kid but at least Gena didn't break them up over that. That was one thing I liked. It wasn't a moment that tore them apart it was a moment that brought them together without having a crazy ex woman to deal with. 

 Even with the negatives for me this was a  EXE or a 5-star 
just because they connected in a way few people find after living such a hard life....

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Empath by Becca J. Campbell


Not really a thriller/mystery type girl but I enjoyed this book anyway. 
It took a lot longer than planed to get through it. I would read a few chapters then read something else because although it was very well written and engaging I am again not really a thriller mystery type girl. 

I did manage to read the whole book and I did like it. Jade is an interesting girl with a supernatural power. She can feel others emotions. They actually overwhelm her. It's hard to live your own life when you are constantly subjected to the fears, desires, needs and wants of others without end. How can you find your own individuality? Your own thoughts even when you are taken over whenever someone comes near you. 

This is what intrigued me about the book and actually got me to read it. It was very reassuring for Jade to discover that there were others out there that had special gifts too. They could see things in photographic detail, one couldn't feel pain at all, they had super strength and the ability to see clearly in the dark.

With a murder on the loose finding victims to kill in frightening ways Jade ends up struggling with these murderous emotions. But back to the start of the book now that I have gotten way off track...

Jade starts classes with actual students and begins to be overwhelmed by their emotions. While running from the uncomfortable situation she meets a man in the woods who's a little older than her. But his emotions are silent which is a blessing and a relief for Jade. She becomes attracted to him and tries to get to know him.  While in school she ends up making friends with Chloe, Josh and Cam. 

Cam causes a bit of a wrench in the works of Logan and Jade's relationship because his emotions over power Jade's. Leading to her becoming his girlfriend. She finally manages to tell him about her Empathy and breaks it off with him. Only to get kidnapped along with Chloe by the murder with Night-sight.

When Ethan discovers that Chloe can't feel pain and therefore doesn't feel fear when he's hurting her he goes crazy. He intends to kill her only the gang manages to rescue her just in time... 

All in all this was a good book and I enjoyed it. I didn't find myself with many objections to things in the book although I would have liked to see more of Logan and Jade after they got together...

For me this was an SEPE or 4.5 star....only because it was something I had to set aside a few times to really read the whole book otherwise it was excellent...

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cranky Author Reviews: Witches by Ednah Walters


Loved it!
I discovered Ednah Walters first book Runes by accident and loved it. Since then I have been a rabid fan!

I love her books each one is powerful and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I read them in less than a day sometimes. I can't seem to put them down. (even when I am supposed to be working on my own stories---sigh)

Although, I do love Torin and Raine I think Echo and Cora are still my favorite. 

This installment in the Runes series is fantastic. It's starts out a bit confusing if you've read Cora's 2nd Book because in this one Raine's father is still alive which confused me a bit at first because he died and possessed Cora in her book. 

So readers beware that if you are Reading both series it may lead to some huh moments. (LOL) In this book we have the usual Norns messing with Raine's head as she and the rest of the gang try to scramble to keep up but still win in the end.

So with evil Norns and good Norns and evil father's-in-law, who turns out to maybe not be so bad after all? (The father-in-law not the Norns-pardon my language but those bi--h's are all a bunch of PIA's) How's a girl supposed to enjoy marrying the man of her dreams? In a freaking castle no less...then to find out that your first time wasn't your first was just mean of those danged Norns!

Of course, the death of her father over shadows her fairy tail wedding a bit. (So Sad) Then there is the way Raine beats the Norns (Goooo Raine) and ends up with a happy for now, after sticking it to the Norns (Ha, take that BI--HES). Until next time...and now I am hooked on her books despite it being a danged series. (We all know how unhappy that makes me. I HATE WAITING.) 

This one is filled with gift giving Goddesses and Evil turned nice Earl's and Dark souls with killer appetites...and a whole bunch of other stuff that make you cling to the pages like they're crack.

For me this was another EPE or 5 Star (as all of her books in the Grimnirs/Runes series have been for me.)