Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Cranky Author Reviews: Hopeless Romantic by Julie Capulet

Not great. It had potential but it fell short. It's like the author couldn't wait to get the story out and rushed rush rushed it. The start was excellent and even the insta love could have worked for me... only she made a woman who was frightened of sex and men become a jersey chaser on steroids. No way would a woman who'd been through what Millie had have allowed him to sleep with her the very first day they met. It just didn't jive with her guarded almost fearful  personality. 

I could have been on board with the stay with me because of the crazy mob issue. Only there should have been some get to know you time. Then there was the too perfect life that she fast forwarded through. It wasn't even remotely believable. They were both rich and she'd become instagram gold with advertisers and her book was a best seller and they got preggers the first time they tried... life is more complicated than that. I guess what I am saying is this book had no strife. Nor did it have any angst to make you care about what the characters were going through. It was such a perfect set up if a little OTT.  I think if it was reworked it could be a great story... sadly as it is it was terrible. 

PS:It was also one of those books that ends at 66% with a bunch of other books advertised. So it wasn't very long.

So for me this was a NEPE or a three star read.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Cranky Author Reviews Dark Planet Warriors by Anna Craven

Loved Abby and Tarak...

She was strong with a lot of heart... Although trying to escape from an alien planet was a little bit stupid. There are too many unknowns to make that a smart choice. 

He was so in love with her and I loved the way he protected her. I really loved how he allowed her to be herself.  I felt like she truly understood him. These two were such a great read.

I did not like how she essentially didn't ask or seem to care about her friends once everything was settled. It made her seem like one of those girls who gets completely wrapped up in her man and forgets everything except him which I didn't like. 

Otherwise this was a EPE or 5-star read for me.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Cranky Author Reviews: Dragon Next Door By Terry


First let me say this was a great book. More than great really...but it needs a good edit. The author mixed up the brothers names in multiple spots which was bad. like when they weren't even in the scene she used their name. Once I might have been okay with but when it was the fourth one it got irritating. 

Two red dragon twins who hide from the world... Tristen was an artist. Being Astray (the artist) led to him finding Kelsie out searching for his art. He finds her in an alley trying to save a man and his son from some assholes. He handles the bad guys before letting her go only to find her days later in the same area looking for more of his art for her photography. They hook up and everything seems great until the other dragons show up...

The author needs to work on her timing because the ending were she gets her powers and Xander becomes friends with the other two dragons all happens way too fast. Although they thought other dragons would hate them they don't. Turns out their parents were just assholes. The part were the rescue Kelsie from the other dragons was kinda funny. I liked how they were shocked by Tristen and Xander's size. I think this scene could have used a bit of fleshing out but over all I enjoyed the book and will be reading the next one 

So for me this was a SEPE or a 4 star read.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Cranky Author Reviews: Archangel's War by Nalini Sighn.


Love, love, love this book...

I don't know how she does it be she always seems to dazzle me even when I see the plot unfolding before I read it.

I knew from the moment Elena started growing things that she was life and she would be the key to Lijuan's demise. Because life always beats death.

Still the emotional connection between Elena and her Raphael is a thing of beaut! I love each and every one of her characters. I would have been heart broken if any of the seven had died. To know that they are all alive after the epic battle between good and evil that raged in the streets of New York is reassuring. Although from a readers perspective someone should have died. Perhaps one of the satellite characters who wouldn't impact them as much as one of the seven. Maybe one of her personal guard or someone from the guild we weren't too attached to—even as I write it—I mourn the loss of this character who lived LOL so maybe not...

Her stories always take me on an adventure and I still have not found a book of hers that I didn't love. She is an excellent writer and I can't wait for more. I was stupid excited when it popped up on my kindle because I'd preordered it! LOL it had been so long I had forgotten. I love the way her two characters love each other and the many many angels and vamps that are their family. 

Each in their own way has won my heart. Now we need a story for Elena's Bluebell or Adohan. Both of them deserve there own love story. And I would love to see a backstory done for Hannah and Eli. I was sad that he was so gravely injured. I can't wait for more from this series and her psy-changling series. 

For me this was an EPE or 5-star read... 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Cranky Author Reviews: The Dragon Kings Series books 1-5 by Kimberly Roth

Ok mini rant coming on....

I sort of enjoyed the first two books in this series despite the many, many, many holes in the plot... Aspen and Sid were good together for the most part. Although Aspen's I hate you, I hate you, nope now I would die for you was enough to give you whiplash.

One second she hates him and the next she loves him without any explanation (or character development) leading to the change. Despite this and many other plot flaws I was kind of enjoying the series enough to keep reading.... UNTIL

Book 3 
Ok here is the rant... Hazel (who's name was Sissy in first two books without any reference—that I remember—about her real name. This made her introduction awkward and confusing at first until the light bulb finally went on and I was LIKE OOOOHH that's Rowen and Aspen's sister NOW I get it.) anywho, she was a selfish spoiled little bitch. After supposedly falling in love with Val on the plain she goes home with another man??? and sleeps with him in the first 24 hours after she leaves the man she is supposed to be in love with??? WTF? I was willing to forgive her for this despite the numerous ways she annoyed me with her I don't do commitment BS... but when she goes off with Paul to try and have sex after finding out Val was a dragon—no she doesn't actually have sex with him, but it still shows she's spoiled and a cheating bitch—I was done and almost didn't read long enough to find out she only kissed him. 

Her need to use men to get over her supposed hurt from a summer love gone wrong was fucking ridiculous. Yeah I get it, love thrown back in your face sucks but using people isn't okay. Not for men or women. Stringing them along and acting like they matter then basically treating them like crap proves she is a shit person and nothing else. I really hated her...like wanted her to die kind of hated her. When they gave this supposedly ominous prophesy that didn't make a lick of sense and said she might die, I was like good. That's fucking great. Val deserved so much better than her. 

On to Book 4 

I loved Rowen and Skye they were so cute but by the end of the book I was over the whole she can't love him bit. Then it was like oh here I can fix it... Not that I minded that she was able to love him but I felt like this needed to happen much sooner and maybe more organically. 

Also the rampant deaths that were needless annoyed me. I get that it was a war starting but killing of whole species seems a little extreme especially since there was no build up other than a five like prediction that some random character gave mid book. 

I found myself predicting shit long before it happened in this one and knew from the get go that Kington (or whatever his name was) was going to be bad likely from foreshadowing from other books. Still I liked this couple and didn't want them to die. Loved Rowen he was pure of heart and loved Skye so much.  She was childish and a little confused throughout the book IMO which got a little tedious. all in all this book was more like the first and second books so I continued to read this series just because I wanted to see how the author wrapped it up...

Book 5

Read to about 60% then skipped to 85ish% because I was fucking bored... it was just too much BS the whole president ready to kill the dragons and the lame as hell prediction and the lack of sense I could make of the plot that seemed to bounce around and led me in confusing directions which never got explained...then all the fire dragons died...and all the canyon dragons, and all the arctic dragons died but hey the witch is dead. Yippie. I didn't get the way she ended everything. I didn't like that Skye and Val lost their dragons because I felt like it was a lame choice....all in all I really hated this wrap up...mostly because to me it didn't wrap anything up. It just killed off nearly everyone and left me with a bad taste in my mouth because Hazel survived...and Runa died.... 

uggg yeah, for me this was a 3 star or a NEPE